Digital Marketing Trending Hashtags

Hashtags have become an indispensable part of digital marketing, allowing brands to expand their reach, start conversations, and engage with customers. With social media usage continuing to grow, hashtags remain one of the most effective tools for connecting with audiences. Here are some of the top trending hashtags that digital marketers should be using in 2023.

Popular Hashtags for Major Platforms


  • #Instagram – used broadly to attract engagement
  • #InstaGood – share high-quality photos/videos
  • #IGers – connect with the Instagram community
  • #TBT – Throwback Thursday nostalgia posts
  • #Foodporn – share appetizing food photos
  • #OOTD – Outfit Of The Day fashion posts


  • #SMM – Social Media Marketing discussions
  • #Marketing – broad marketing discussions
  • #SmallBiz – appeal to small business owners
  • #Entrepreneur – connect with entrepreneurs
  • #Business – target the business community


  • #FB – broad Facebook-related posts
  • #FBLive – promote Facebook Live videos
  • #NoteToSelf – share thoughts/reminders
  • #ThrowbackThursday – nostalgic posts every Thursday


  • #YouTube – broad YouTube community
  • #Vlog – video blog content
  • #Tutorial – how-to videos
  • #Unboxing – product unboxing/reviews
  • #ASMR – autonomous sensory meridian response videos


  • #FYP – For Your Page – increase video distribution
  • #TikTok – broad TikTok community
  • #LearnOnTikTok – educational content
  • #TikTokPartner – creator collaborations
  • #SmallBusiness – appeal to small business owners

Trending Topical Hashtags


  • #DigitalMarketing – broad industry discussions
  • #SocialMediaMarketing – social media strategies
  • #ContentMarketing – content creation/promotion
  • #EmailMarketing – email campaigns
  • #SEO – search engine optimization


  • #SmallBusiness – small business tips/advice
  • #Entrepreneur – entrepreneur community
  • #OnlineBusiness – online businesses
  • #RemoteWork – working from home discussions
  • #OfficeLife – office work culture


  • #Health – health/wellness content
  • #Fitness – exercise routines/tips
  • #Travel – travel destinations/advice
  • #Food – food images/recipes/reviews
  • #Fashion – style inspiration/outfit posts

How to Strategically Use Hashtags

  • Research hashtags popular in your niche before using them. Look for hashtags with high volume and engagement.
  • Mix broad hashtags like #Instagram with specific hashtags like #Foodporn. Broad tags help with discovery, specific tags target users interested in that topic.
  • Limit your hashtags to 2-3 of the most relevant ones per post. Too many hashtags look spammy and negatively impact reach.
  • Create branded hashtags and encourage users to use them in user-generated content. This builds an engaged community around your brand.
  • Use hashtags in captions and comments. Adding hashtags in the first comment on Instagram/Facebook boosts discovery.
  • Leverage trending hashtags around major events, holidays, etc. But only use them if they are highly relevant to avoid looking opportunistic.
  • Periodically analyze your hashtags to see which ones drive the most engagement and drop ones that aren’t performing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best number of hashtags to use per post?

2-3 highly relevant hashtags per post is ideal. Using 1-2 branded hashtags along with 1-2 popular/trending hashtags related to your content will help maximize reach and engagement.

Should I use different hashtags on different platforms?

It’s a good idea to customize hashtags based on platform and audience. Instagram users may be more receptive to branded and visual hashtags while Twitter users look for news and discussion.

How often should branded hashtags be used?

Encourage consistent, frequent use of 1-2 branded hashtags in user-generated content. This could include a general brand hashtag like #Nike and a campaign hashtag like #JustDoIt.

What’s the best way to research trending hashtags?

Social listening tools like Keyhole and RiteTag allow you to identify high-volume, trending hashtags. You can also search hashtags manually and sort posts by most recent to see what’s trending daily.

How often should I update hashtags?

Review your hashtags monthly to identify low-performing tags that should be replaced with fresher, trending terms. But don’t change all hashtags at once, as consistent use over time is key.

Key Takeaways

  • Leverage both popular and niche hashtags tailored to your audience and content
  • Focus on a few highly relevant hashtags per post
  • Create branded hashtags to foster user-generated content
  • Analyze performance and adapt hashtags over time
  • Use hashtags strategically across platforms for optimal engagement

Using the right mix of branded, trending, and niche hashtags will help you expand your social media reach and connections. Tracking performance allows you to refine hashtags over time as new trends emerge. With a strategic, platform-specific approach, hashtags can be a valuable tool for digital marketers.

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